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  • Re: Why Save Trails in Clackamas Country? (#)
  • Very eloquently spoken.  Never seen this before, don't know how I missed it.  Yes, the Clackamas District is an incredible place.  It does get sketchy closer to town, but for the most part, it's a wilderness, even considering the plethora of roads and land-rape.  There's a whole lot of old growth left too, tho much of it is very fragmented. 
    It seems to me that the NW is towards the tail end of a period of transition - where the former resource driven economy has been abandoned (heh) for one of appreciation and exploration.  It seems that attitudes about our country's natural areas have changed for the better, and more folks just want to get out and spend time in nature.  Very little of the Portland economy is dependent on resource extraction anymore (with the exception of the poor Tillamook, don't look at me, I voted for more protection), and more people are moving here from afar to see the very resources from a different perspective.  It's just a matter of time before these abandoned trails are swallowed, and I appreciate all the hard work you folks are doing.