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FR46 now open from Ripplebrook to Detroit

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I was looking at the Olallie Lake Resort page this morning (I get my high country morning recent weather reports from them LOL. Diane posts every morning), and I noted that she mention that as of 6/27/2023 (last Tuesday) the Estacada/Detroit path is now a through route. I took a look at the USFS page and found this info:


Most of the Clackamas River Ranger District has reopened as of fall 2022. However, perForest Order, roads that will remain closed to motor vehiclesuntil danger trees are removed include:

  • FR 4620 at Hwy 224 junction
  • FR 4631 at Hwy 224 junction
  • FR 4630 between Hwy 224 & Lake Harriet
  • FR 54 (Fish Creek Rd.) at Hwy 224 junction
  • FR 57 between Hwy 224 and Lake Harriet

The Willamette National Forest reopened FR 46 to motorized vehicles 6/27/23. Visitors are now able to drive from Estacada to Detroit. Although open for the summer, the Willamette side of FR 46 will temporarily close again in fall 2023 to remove the remaining fire impacted trees and to complete the final road repair and reconstruction.


Just thought I'd let ya all know...


p.s. Last week I was up at Olallie Lake. The Mosquitos were fierce. The Trout Trucks came in and I got to see 'em put 8,000 fish in...  The evening fishing was (needless to say) great!

p.p.s.  2 weeks ago I made a run on 4670 from 6350 northbound. Saw tiny amounts of snow in the west ditches of the northend near Lowe creek. Prolly way gone by now. Stopped in and visited Tarzan Springs. Pretty swampy this time of year. Took the decommissioned road up the hill and to the end just to see what was there. Yup, a fire pit and flat place for a tent, sure enough.


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I also just found out that road 45 from Hillockburn is now open as well!