This Page will allow you to overlay selected historical maps over a current topo map.

It also allows you to zoom, pan, etc like regular maps on the web.  One you have selected an overlay map, you can adjust the transparency of the map to be able to compare the old map to the new.  Very helpful for researching old trails, etc.  This page uses map tiles to only display the area of the map currently on the screen, so it is very usable via a web browser.  There are only a selected number of overlay maps to choose from, however.

Warning – Very large map downloads on both of these two pages – these maps should be downloaded locally for extended use.  If you are interested in getting DVDs with all these images to help support this site, send an email to the webmaster.

This page has links to over 115 current and historical maps of our district.
Note: The 2012 Forest Service maps have been incorporated into this page.

This page allows you to click on an area and it will show which historic maps we currently have cover the area you clicked on.

Maps of the New Wilderness Areas

New Mt Hood Wilderness areas overview
Big Bottom Wilderness
Bull of the Woods Additions
Clackams Canyon Wilderness
Collawash River Wild Scenic River map
Eagle Creek Wilderness Map
Fish Creek Wild Scenic River map
Inch Creek Wilderness
Memaloose Lake Wilderness
Roaring River Wilderness
Sisi Butte Wilderness
South Fork Clackamas River Wild Scenic River map
South Fork Roaring River Wild Scenic River Map

Other historical scans

1936 map of Mount Hood Recreation Area
1939 map of Trails on Mount Hood – Map Front
1939 map of Trails on Mount Hood – Map Back – Shows Timberline trail log
1921 map of the Oregon Skyline Trail See other maps on the Skyline Trail page
1938 map of Olallie Lake Area
1938 map of Breitenbush loop