Anyone can be Trail Advocate.

See how easy trail maintenance can be?

See how easy trail maintenance can be?

The work above was done by two guys with full packs on their backs – anyone can help make a trail better and it doesn’t take a lot of time.  A good mantra is “leave a trail better than you found it”.  If everyone did that, our trails would be in a LOT better shape.


Anyone can contribute to trail care by throwing off limbs, rocks, lopping off brush, flagging obscure sections, generating accurate GPS info, and reporting conditions to the Forest Service in Sandy.

Find a trail and make a difference. That is what a Trail Advocate does.

How to Help Maintain a Trail


Getting Involved — 3 Comments

  1. Planning to work on Baty Butte trail from Lost Creek Meadows south sometime soon

  2. That would be great! It is getting very brushy in spots. Not too many logs, but LOTS of brush. You can post something in the forums if you want some help – you might find some others are interested in helping as well.

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