• Article about what it was like to man a lookout in the 1940’s
  • Background on Place Names – A page showing some historical background on how some places were named in the district.
  • Biographical Memoir of Henry L. Abbot – Abbot made surveys in the district in the early 1850’s
  • Diary of Helen and Elbert Brubaker from Fish Creek Mountain Lookout – 1945
  • Letters to the Forest Service – 1970’s
  • Lieutenant Abbot and Sam An-ax-shat – Abbot made surveys in the district in the early 1850’s and Sam An-ax-shat was an Indian guide who helped him navigate the district.
  • National Forest Development in the 1950s – A PDF from a retired ranger showing some very interesting aerial photos of the district as well as some other historical information on developments and logging activity.
  • Notes about fishing the Upper Clackamas in the 1940’s and 50’s
  • Notes about the original discovery of the Cold Water Corydallis on the upper Clackamas
  • Notes about proposed new powerplants on the Upper Clackamas
  • Notes about trips to Big Bottom in the 1940’s and 50’s/li>
  • Oral History – Transcript of oral history from Marcelle Walker who spent 7 years working around the district in the the 30s and 40s
  • Oregon State Masters Thesis on the La Dee Flats Logging Camp in the 1920’s
  • PGE History of the Clackamas River area
  • US Forest Service Guard Handbook -Partial – 1940s
  • US Forest Service Report on 1996 Closure of Fish Creek Drainage


  • Historical Maps
    • Historical Map Listing – 125k, 62.5k, 24k, Mt Hood National Forest map listing
    • Historical Map selector – includes Cadastral and Metsker maps – Allows you to click on an area and it displays all available map scans that apply to that area
    • Other Historical Map scans – Recreation guides and high level maps – interesting, but not a lot of detail
    • Overlay map tool – Allows you to display maps overlaid with varied opacity on other maps

News Articles

  • Article from Northwest Magazine about the “new” Clackamas River Trail
  • Article from the Mazamas Magazine-1974 – Discussing trail funding issues and also construction of the Clackamas River Trail
  • Mazamas Letter to the Forest Service about a new Roaring River Trail – 1972
  • Trail Maintenance Editorial – 1975 – discussing lack of maintenance and also a Forest Service Internal Memo response to it.


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