The advice on the front page of the site will be repeated here, since it is good advice:

Hiking in the Clackamas District is generally not like taking a walk in the Gorge or on Mount Hood. Our District is rough, steep, remote, and unforgiving. The trails are often faint, there are few signs, and help is far away. It’s wilder than wilderness. Don’t underestimate it. Be prepared. Cell phones cannot be relied upon.

DO NOT rely on internet trip planners to navigate the woods. DO NOT try to cross the District during the Winter, late Fall, or early Spring unless you know exactly what you are doing and have your Common Sense pulled up tight. Use Highway 26 or 22. That’s what they’re for.

Listed below are some various weather stations in and around the district, which will give you current conditions for the area:

And here is a map showing the whole district and you can see most of these sites (except the snotels) This site also shows the weather radar which will show where it is raining/snowing, which is useful information.

Here is a map of the current snow depths across the district. The information is updated approximately once a day from various governmental sources. There are a variety of other overlays you can use to access other information as well – a very informative source of info.

All trail info pages also now have a link to the NWS pinpoint forecast on them.  If you would like to see the pinpoint forecast for another location in the district (or elsewhere), you can enter the latitude and longitude in the form below and you will be redirected to the National Weather Service pinpoint forecast for that location: