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Oregon Field Guide - Skyline Trail

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I wanted to announce that my daughter Eva and I will be on an upcoming episode of Oregon Field Guide!  Please see here for the writeup and the video:

Rediscovering Oregon’s lost Skyline Trail - OPB

It was filmed last summer and will air sometime this upcoming season.  I also have a book coming out later this year that chronicles our search for the Skyline.  Please stay tuned for details.  This is probably the biggest honor of my life!  Lots of hard work to get to this point after a hell of a lot of loss.

I would like to thank Donovan most of all.  Without his knowledge of the backcountry, and his lessons none of this would be possible.  Also a big thank you to Don Presley.  You taught me a lot about the wilderness that will always be with me.

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Bob, I watched this online and it was a marvelous episode.  I recognized several of the spots that were shown.  What a great adventure to share with your daughter!