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recommend backpacking loop in Mt Jefferson area?

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Can anyone recommend a good backpacking loop in the Jefferson Wilderness area?  My 16 yo son and I would like to do a 3-night trip in that area in late July. Some folks have recommended the Ollalie Lakes area.  Does anyone know what the mosquitoes will be like there in late August?  Any other ideas?


Thanks!  Paul

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I don't know as much about the Jefferson Wilderness area, but there are some nice loops you can do in the Olallie area - lots of lakes available and lots of trails.  Mosquitoes may still be a little thick in early July.

Red Lake trail is nice and has lots of lakes you can camp at (Red, Averill, Sheep lakes all have campsites).  Lower Lake, Upper Lake, Timber Lake all have nice campsites as well.  The PCT runs through the area, so it makes for lots of different combinations.

Here is a link to the map of the Olallie area with the trails on it - you can pan around and zoom in and out in your browser:,-121.809481&t=t4&z=14

There are quite a few places in Jefferson Park as well, however that area will be a LOT more crowded, especially in late July (peak season).

Hope that helps a bit.

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A loop that I have done started at the trailhead on Twin Meadows Rd. NF-2261 (near Pine Ridge Lake and the Scout camp). We hiked south to the Eight Lakes Basin, then north around the back side of Marion Lake. From Marion we took the trail back up towards Marion Mtn, then back to the start. Great views from the short side hike up Marion Mtn.