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Trail Length: 1.1 Miles    Elevation Gain: 100 Feet

Round Lake Trail Elevation Profile

Trailhead on the right.  Well signed.  A hike-in campground.

A short quarter mile to the lake.  Keep left at the fork in the clearcut.  There are developed camp sites and potties.  Not maintained.  Trail loops around the lake.  Careful over collapsed bridge.  Trail worse around the back side-very brushy.

Nice habitat.  The old trail to Rhododendron Ridge departs from the second potty up the creek.  All that shows is old blazes.  No tread.  Probably leads to a clearcut before arriving anywhere useful.

Very long drive.  Need to go around by way of Cachebox Meadows.

Bears are a problem.

Fishing on a Lazy Summer Day at Round Lake


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