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Trail Length: 4.0 Miles    Elevation Gain: 700 Feet

Riverside Trail Elevation Profile-North to South

Note: This trail is currently closed due to significant damage from the Riverside fire.

The Riverside National Recreation Tail has been designated by the Secretary of Agriculture under the National Trails Systems Act because of its outstanding scenic qualities.  This trail is generally kept up through the Winter.  Lots of big timber, moss, and river. Somewhat dark.  River access and river views are frequent.  Some precipitous drop-offs as the river is actively reshaping the canyon in this area.

An easy low energy stroll.  Lots of eye candy.

The new trailhead is off the 46 Road between Rainbow and Riverside Campgrounds which are also the termini of the trail.  It is 2 1/2 miles from the trailhead to Rainbow and a mile and a half to Riverside.  There is also trail access at the milepost 2 marker where the trail parallels the 46 road.



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