Clackamas River District Trails are listed in alphabetical order.

After opening a trail page, the LINK IN GREEN will take you to the USFS info sheet.  It will be a pdf file.  There are a handful of trails for which there are no info sheets and consequently no links.  There may or may not be additional information below the link.  There will be a link to a Topographic map that will show the trail as a dashed line, and usually will show the trail number along the line somewhere.  The red line on this map denotes where the trail actually goes (based on the GPS track for the trail).  There will also be a link to download a GPS track of the trail as well as a link to the NWS Pinpoint Forecast for the area surrounding the trail.

We are frequently adding, correcting, and updating this site.  We are adding maps, starting with the trails for which the Forest Service has no information available.  If you have GPS Tracks for any of the trails that don’t currently have them, please send those files to the webmaster and we will post them for all to use.

You should also go to Clackamas River Ranger District for updated trail conditions and to check for the latest information on allowable uses.  The icons for permitted uses on the USFS info sheets accessed by the green links are out of date in several instances.

It is good also to have the new District map.  It is the best for roads and has topography as well.  It is available at the office.  It is not consistently accurate for trail locations.  Neither are the new USGS maps, unfortunately.  About half the trails have been removed from the new maps.  Decommissioned roads have also been removed from the maps.

Don’t expect to see signs.  Some trailheads and trail junctions are marked by rock piles or plastic ribbons.

There are also individual maps available of the Olallie Scenic Area and the Bull of the Woods Wilderness Area which have good coverage of the trails in those regions of the District.

Remember, the new maps do not show decommissioned roads.

Always turn back and call it a day the moment a glimmer of uncertainty as to where you are occurs.

Most trails are under snow during the Winter.  These are LOW ELEVATION TRAILS generally accessible during the Winter:

Clackamas River Trail 715, Riverside Trail 723, Dry Ridge Trail 518, Hillockburn Trail 516, Cripple Creek Trail 703, Alder Flat Trail 574, and Bagby Trail 544.  The ascending trails will lead to snow at some point.

These are the trails CLOSEST TO TOWN and accessible by paved roads:

Old Baldy Trail 502, Fanton Trail 505, Hillockburn Trail 516, Clackamas River Trail 715, and the Dry Ridge Trail 518.

July to mid-August are the weeks of the year most favorable to the kinds of bugs which can turn a visit to the woods unpleasant.  The Ollalie Scenic Area and Cache Meadow-Rock Lakes Area can be particularly bad.

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