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Three Lynx

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I went up the Clackamas yesterday and found two interesting things.  First, the big slide that happened a week ago is all cleared up.  The parking area on the east side of 224 is a bit smaller than it used to be however as that is where they put a majority of the debris.


Second and a much bigger thing is when I was driving by, I noticed the gate up to Three Lynx was open - it has been closed ever since they reopened 224 every time I've driven by but yesterday it was open so I decided to drive up to see what I could see.  I was honestly shocked by what I saw.  I had heard that PGE was going to "abandon" Three Lynx after the fires, but I didn't realize it would be so complete.  There is literally nothing left at Three Lynx now, including the roads thru the town - they removed all the buildings and ripped up the roads and put logs in place to block anyone trying to go into the old townsite:


The only thing I saw left was one shed on the south side of town.  Everything else was gone.  There was a work crew spreading hay which I assume is for erosion control.  Most of the earth seemed pretty freshly worked.

I thought I'd press my luck a bit and continue up Pipeline road just to see how far I could get.  I got up to the Cripple Creek trailhead which as been obliterated by the logging along Pipeline Road:


Here is a view from near the trailhead looking north (back down to Three Lynx):


At the saddle there were 4 or 5 PGE trucks - I didn't push my luck and try and go farther - I'm guessing they may be doing more cutting up Pipeline road.

Driving up pipeline road now is very much like driving up 4610 from Promontory - it used to be dense forest but now is all open.

Here is one last photo driving down Pipeline to Three Lynx, looking at Three Lynx from above: