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4610 fun to Plaza Lake

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Made a pre snow visit to plaza lake yesterday. Haven't been since way before the fires. My how the timber has grown up there! Missed the trail twice despite the obvious sign. Fewer peak a boo views into the roaring river watershed. But oh the glorious old growth along that trail! Made my day. A little less trash than I remember, but sadly, plenty around. Will bring bags in the spring. Renewed my sense of awe for this place. This area  offers beautiful respite from portlands hoards that have clogged the gorge and mt hood. Only one car at the old baldy trailhead. Didn't see another soul above the ohv area.

Thank you for keeping this site up.

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Rob and I were about five miles south of you yesterday.  We went out to Frazier Turnaround and went down the 511 trail to the historical trail side campsite.  The weather was beautiful!

We went through Government Camp to get to the trailhead.  I don't remember seeing another vehicle once we left Hwy 26 at the Skyline snowpark. 

I don't recall seeing any trash yesterday.  I didn't even find my customary mylar balloon!