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Trail Length: 8.5 Miles    Elevation Gain: 2400 Feet

GPS Track – Old Baldy Trail – .gpx File

There are two maps at the USFS Info sheet link above.  Page 3 of the pdf file is the updated version. Rd 4614 and 4615 are labeled backwards.  Also, the view from Old Baldy referred to in the USFS Info sheet has been reduced by advancing timber.  The trail length referenced above includes side trips up to the summit of Squaw Mountain and a short side trip down to Squaw Meadows.

The trails in this area mostly pre-date the Forest Service.  Consequently, they are “evolved” trails never formally built to Forest Service standards.  The routes are uncompromising in logic and purpose, except for a few relocations.  They can be quite steep.  The Old Baldy Trail is part of an ancient cross mountain route.  Most of the timber is a little over 100 years old.  The area was a prolific berry producing area before the rampant burning of the area was halted by the establishment of forest protection at the beginning of the Twentieth Century.  The consequence of the even-age timber stands are a lack of varied ecosystems.  Nonetheless, the impressive stands of Noble Fir are awesome and there is a general quietude in these dark stands that is pleasant to experience.

Mists on Old Baldy

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Old Baldy Trail East end Elevation Profile-East to West


Old Baldy Trail West end Elevation Profile-West to East


There is an access trail at the saddle between Squaw Mountain and Twin Springs. This side trail is hard to find from the bottom so make a landmark if you explore the meadows and want to climb back out.  Also, some of the meadows are essentially floating peat so don’t fall in to the waterways cut below as one hunter we met did, much to his surprise.  This is the most ecologically interesting area for miles in all directions.



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  1. Hiked the western portion of this up to Old Baldy on 12/5/2020 – there are a lot of fallen trees just below Old Baldy, including the final ascent to the top.

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