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Trail Length: 2.0 Miles    Elevation Gain: 1400 Feet

Memaloose Lake and South Fork Mountain Elevation Profile-East to West

Note: This trail was damaged in the Riverside fire, although it has had significant maintenance done to it.  The unmaintained trail up to South Fork Mountain was significantly damaged in the fire, however this segment has been recently maintained so that it is now passable again.

A short trail that is family friendly but can get crowded in the summer.  The distance from the lake to the summit of South Fork Mountain given in the Info Sheet is actually closer to three quarters of a mile.  It is also a worthy destination.

There is no longer a picnic table at the lake.

Calm, quiet, shallow Memaloose Lake


Memaloose Lake Trail 515 — 1 Comment

  1. Hiked this trail today – the beginning of the trail was unaffected by the fires, but as you get closer to the lake the fire damage is much more evident. The east side of the lake burned pretty hot, but as you work your way farther east on the lake the fire was less intense. The unmaintained trail up to South Fork Mountain is pretty much gone right by the lake but once you get into the unburned areas a little bit up the hill it is in as good of shape as it was before. As you approach the ridge up to South Fork Mountain it gets worse again until you are on the ridge. The ridge burned pretty got, but the trail is easy to follow on the ridge up to South Fork Mountain.

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