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Trail Length: 3.4 Miles    Elevation Gain: 1400 Feet

Bull of the Woods Elevation Profile – Round Trip

Note: Portions of this trail were damaged by the Bull Complex Fires.

This is a popular high ridge trail giving access to the lookout and several other wilderness trails.  It is one of the easiest ways to get into the heart of the wilderness area without having to gain a lot of elevation.  This trail only gains about 900 feet of elevation in a little over 3 miles.

Note: The lookout referenced in the Forest Service Sheets and shown below was destroyed in the Bull Complex Fires in 2021.

Bull of the Woods was named for a nearby mining claim or prospect.1

photo: Ingrid Berglund

1Oregon Geographic Names, McArthur, Lewis.


Bull of the Woods Trail 550 — 1 Comment

  1. Hiked this trail on 9/24/2022 – It was obvious it hasn’t had much traffic in the last two years due to the fires. The trailhead is completely obscured by brush and parts of the trail are somewhat brushy. The burn damage starts about a mile in – the tread is in good shape except for a few short burned out sections but there were quite a few downed logs on it.

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