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Dickey Creek Elevation Profile – South to North

Note: The trailhead for this trail has moved from what is shown on the maps and from what is described in the trail info sheet.  The new trailhead is approximately a half mile from the old trailhead.  The road to the old trailhead has been decommissioned and is now considered part of the trail.

The initial descent is some of the worst trail in the district.  Frequent soil movement might warrant another choice of trail after an extended period of heavy rains sufficient to create soil saturation.  Once down the hill conditions improve.

After enduring the initial descent, you are treated to a nice wetlands area and then a beautiful grove of old growth trees, all the while following the path of Dickey Creek.  Dickey Creek is more of a river in the spring, and crossing it can be difficult during high water periods.

After the creek crossing, the trail starts uphill and goes through drier forest, up to the slopes below Big Slide Mountain, across a long scree slope.  There are several nice campsites at Big Slide Lake.

Big Slide Lake


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  1. Hiked this trail on 11/21/2015 – initial descent is improved from what is described here, but still needs improvement. 15+ trees across the trail up to the creek crossing, but otherwise in good shape. One REALLY big tree down in the swamp.

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