See Rho Ridge Trail 564.

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Trail Length: 0.4 Miles    Elevation Gain: 300 Feet

Elevation Profile for Hawk Mountain Trail

Note: The end of the trail near Hawk Mountain suffered damage from the Beachie Creek and Lionshead fires.  The cabin on Hawk Mountain was saved thanks to the efforts of Firefighters.

This short trail departs the Rho Ridge Trail at Round Meadow and climbs to a summit.  An opening provides a good view and an alpine flower-scape.


Featured in 100 Hikes in Northwest Oregon.


Hawk Mountain Trail 564-A — 1 Comment

  1. A friend and I hiked to the lookout site last October, to find the summit covered in snow and the cabin in good shape. My dad took me there in 1965, when the tower was still standing, and we climbed the ice-covered steps to the top – the view was spectacular. I am glad the cabin has survived and take my hat off to those who have worked to preserve it. May it continue to be respected.

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