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Trail Length: 0.8 Miles    Elevation Gain: 200 Feet

Horseshoe Saddle Trail Elevation Profile

Starts at Horseshoe Lake campground at site 5.  Enter and bear right about 20 feet in.   Leads up to the Skyline Trail (PCT 2000) through a beautiful area of pools and meadows.  Level until a modest climb reaching up into the saddle.  A seasonal spring is available on the left near the saddle.  One mile long.

This trail also has been named the “Rondy Trail” in memory of Howard Rondthaler, who was a trails supervisor in the district for many years. There is a commemorative sign partway down the trail.

Retains snow late into June.

See the Olallie Scenic Area map available at the District office in Estacada.



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