Topo Map

GPS Track (.GPX File)

Trail Length: 0.8 Miles    Elevation Gain: 500 Feet

Pyramid Butte Trail Elevation Profile – From top to bottom

The Pyramid Butte trail is an abandoned trail that is in very good shape.  There is some trail damage due to the Pyramid Butte fire in 2010, but the trail is easily followed once you find the correct trail junction.  Current maps do not show the old route of the Skyline trail, but the map link above does.  The trail track listed here has a waypoint with the location of the trail junction.  Once at the junction, take a right at the next two junctions to get to the top of the butte.  Trail is steep, but well graded.  The views from the top of Pyramid Butte are outstanding.  The footbridge mentioned in some trail descriptions and referenced on the topo map burned up in the fire in 2010 and has not been replaced.


One of the many big views from Pyramid Butte


Pyramid Butte Trail 740 — 1 Comment

  1. I’m sure am glad there’s photo of that sign. It’s gone now. Hopefully the Forest Service removed it and has it on display somewhere. It was a really good example of the sign making artistry of it’s era.

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