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Old Baldy to Abbot Road

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We just had to get up to Abbott Road to see what had been done. We started at the Upper Fanton Trail Head at about nine. Sunny, a little windy, but warm for November. I like this trail head best, mostly for the water for the dogs, but not having a super steep start is nice too. Wasn't sure what to expect for wind damage, but the trail is in good shape. Only two or three easily crossed logs the whole way. We meandered up to the old camp at the Squaw summit, and Twin Springs jct. This is a neat place to poke around. We've found a dozen or so old fire pits, couple of springs, and phone line. The only place I've seen this on one map from the 20s on this site. Huckleberry camp? When we got to Abbot Road the first thing we saw was a log deck almost on the trail. The road is cleared about 100 feet wide. All the small alders along the road were gone, along with the trees. I imagine its cleared like this all the way to High Rock. Can't wait to see what they did with the washout. That was a little far for us today.DSCN5390.JPGDSCN5458.JPGDSCF8819b.jpgDSCF8814a.jpg

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I headed up to the Shellrock trailhead today for a hike, going the long way around Mt Hood.  On the way, I decided to drive up to the east end of 4610 to see what it looked like.  Here are a few photos (there was more snow than I was expecting):

First, a locked gate with a concrete barricade - I don't think anyone is going to get around this:



Next, a view looking west down 4610 - you can tell it has been cleaned up quite a bit.



Third, a rather large deck of logs:20201107_094134.jpg


And based on this sign, it appears they are spoken for:20201107_094143.jpg