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Trail Length: 4.6 Miles    Elevation Gain: 1100 Feet

Note: This trail has some fire damage from the Riverside fire on the west end of the trail.

The trail mileage for the Rimrock trail includes the overlook trail out and back.  Just past the overlook at the west end of the trail a junction exists with an abandoned trail that ascends from Milepost 3 on the 4635 Rd. below.  The trail junction is where the trail takes a hard left turn – there is a trail number sign (704) on a tree at the junction.  This junction has been made rather obscure due to major blowdown right where the trails merge.  At some point this could make a good winter access trail but for now it is somewhat difficult to find and follow.

Beyond the seasonal lake/meadow at the west end of the trail there is no water.  Old maps show a spring called Good Spring near the view point junction at the top of the bluff to the south.  An old side trail leads towards it on the right about a quarter mile west of the viewpoint trail.  There are two orange spots painted at the base of two trees marking the junction.  I’m not sure if the spring is year-round.

Viewpoint trail was Old 705 before numbering changes. The junction to the viewpoint is two miles from the west trailhead, not one as indicated in the info sheet at the link above. Connects at the east end with the Cottonwood Meadows Trail 705.

Mount Mitchell was named for Roy Mitchell who died fighting a forest fire August 20, 1919. The mountain was formerly called Oak Grove Mountain, an unsatisfactory name because there were no oak trees on the mountain and also the name caused confusion with Oak Grove Butte, seven miles to the south. Oak Grove Mountain had been applied because the feature was near Oak Grove Fork Clackamas River.1

This is an easy trail to hike.  Be careful not to trip on the old phone line.


1Oregon Geographic Names, McArthur, Lewis.


Rimrock Trail 704 — 2 Comments

  1. Hiked this trail yesterday. Trail in great shape – about 15 logs down from the west trailhead to the overlook junction and a couple more up the overlook trail. Almost all are easy stepovers – one is a duck under but not too bad. Trail is slightly brushy in a few areas, but not bad at all.

  2. At one point the trail (MP3)coming up from the Oak Grove Ranger Station was designated as the Roaring River Trail #702.

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