Here are some historical items of interest

Oregon Skyline Trail

Lieutenant Abbot and Sam An-ax-shat

Biographical Memoir of Henry L. Abbot

Forest Service Trail Handbook from 1935

Oregons Hidden Wilderness – Booklet created to showcase Bull of the Woods before it became official wilderness

Photo taken from atop Signal Butte in 1934 showing the fire devastation

Oregon State Masters Thesis on the La Dee Flats Logging Camp in the 1920’s

USFS Report on 1996 Closure of Fish Creek Drainage

Article from Northwest Magazine about the “new” Clackamas River Trail

Diary of Helen and Elbert Brubaker from Fish Creek Mountain Lookout – 1945

Article about what it was like to man a lookout in the 1940’s

Notes about trips to Big Bottom in the 1940’s and 50’s

Notes about fishing the Upper Clackamas in the 1940’s and 50’s

Notes about the powerplants on the Upper Clackamas (Big Bottom was supposed to have a dam!)

Notes about the original discovery of the Cold Water Corydallis on the upper Clackamas

Photos of old lookouts (panoramic photos) in the Mt Hood National Forest and another page with details of the photos.

Photo of trail building by the Timber Lake Job Corps – building the Alder Flat trail.

Manual of how to use the Osborne FireFinder (still in use today)

Old Discussion about the impact of wilderness on our district trails

Book – “Looters of the Public Domain” – describes a series of fraudulent land deals in the late 19th and early 20th century

Oral History – Transcript of oral history from Marcelle Walker who spent 7 years working around the district in the the 30s and 40s

Forest Service Book – “The Use of the National Forests” (large download) – 1907

Background on Place Names – A page showing some historical background on how some places were named in the district.

National Forest Development in the 1950s – A PDF from a retired ranger showing some very interesting aerial photos of the district as well as some other historical information on developments.

The following are Historical documents and photos courtesy of the U.S. Forest Service, Mt. Hood National Forest.

Historical Photos

Existing And Proposed Trails in the Rock Lakes Basin – Undated

Letters to the Forest Service – 1970’s

Notes on the Hambone Trail from the 1970s’s

MHNF-Existing and Proposed Trails – 1975

MHNF-Trail Map – Bull Run District – 1948

Article from the Mazama Magazone-1974.pdf

Sounds of Two Rivers Trail Info – 1973

Trail Inventory-Oregon National Forest – 1916

Trail Maintenance Editorials – 1975

Trail Notes – Howard Rondthaler – “Rhondy” – 1970

Undated Trail Logs

USFS Recreation Report – 1891 – 1942

USFS Guard Handbook-Partial – 1940s

Mazamas Letter about a Roaring River Trail – 1972

Rock Lakes Basin Flyer – Undated

Serene Lake Trail Log-Undated

Huxley Lake Trail Log-Undated

Hillockburn Trail Report-1964

Grouse Point Trail Log-1979

Grouse Point Trail Log-1968

Dry Ridge Trail Re-Route Info – 1975

Corral Springs Trail Log-Undated


These next two links are for discussions from the old website.  There is a lot of very interesting information in them that we didn’t want to lose in the conversion to the new site.

Old Discussion threads in HTML format – in date order

Old Discussion Threads in PDF format – Grouped by Month


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  1. I mentioned to some folks from PGE the article on the never-completed hydroelectric projects at Big Bottom and elsewhere in the Clackamas. They knew of these old proposals and said that they were delayed for more than one reason but what eventually killed them was cheaper power from the great dams on the Columbia. In a very real sense the damming of the Columbia prevented more damming on the Clackamas. Flooding Big Bottom – now a Wilderness and Scenic River – would have been a great loss.

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